K300 Live Sound Card

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K300 Bluetooth Live Sound Card with Sound Effects and Voice Changer for Live Streaming

The K300 sound borad can be used for live streaming, podcast, broadcast, music recording, gaming live streaming, radio shows, Twitch, TikTok and YouTube streaming, this is also a voice changer for gamer who play games online. Built-in a DSP digital audio processor, can switch multiple scene modes arbitrarily and supports dual microphones , dua live broadcast, dual headphones.

The K300 sound board is a live sound card that is not difficult to use, even beginners can quickly get started. It also is a feature-rich and professional audio digital signal processor, which incorporates microphone interfaces, audio mixer, sampler, and entertaining pitch changer. Built-in a DSP digital audio processor, can switch multiple scene modes arbitrarily and supports dual microphones , dua live broadcast, dual headphones.

It is easy to use, Plug and Play, and focus on helping providing valued and interesting content and easilly interacting with your audiences. A great CHRISTMAS GIFT OR BIRTHDAY GIFT for those who love podcast or singing.

ALL-IN-ONE Live Sound Card for Live Streaming

8 Knobs: Independently adjust the microphone equalization(treble/mezzo/bass), microphone volume, voice changer volume, monitor volume, dodge speed.1 large knobs adjust reverb effect.

4 Reverb Modes: You can freely choose 5 preset reverberation modes, no cycle through, just 1 key to start: KTV, Concert, Studio, MC.

4 Voice Changer: One-key to change multiple role voices to increase fun, Male/Female/Children/Warcraft voice

20 Atmosphere Special Effects: There are 20 atmosphere special effects for you to choose from, such as Laughter, Kiss, Debut.

2 Track Control: Independently adjust the volume of the accompaniment music, record volume.

Strong Compatible: The K300 live sound card voice changer machine can be compatible with PC, Computer, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Android phone, Type C phone, gaming devices and electronic musical instrument. A great CHRISTMAS GIFT OR BIRTHDAY GIFT for those who love podcast or singing.

Multi-Device Support: Compatible for three cell phone live, mobile phone computer synchronous live, one computer live, computer accompaniment cell phone live, instrument input cell phone live. Support two microphones connected at the same time, highpitch, alto-voice and lowpitch can be adjusted independently. It's great to support Android Apple devices, mobile phones, computers, PS4, and other games to change your voice.

How to Connect to Your Devices?

Powerful Function

The K300 live sound card is a specially designed, feature-rich, and entertaining audio sound card. It combines a microphone interface, a mixer, and an interesting tone converter, plug and play, and focuses on helping to easily provide valuable and interesting content to interact with the audience

In addition to the microphone interfaces, it also features the following functions:

1. 16 pre-loaded sound effects + 3 DJ sound effects + 4 voice changer

2. Multi-people and multi-devices simultaneous live streaming

3. Mixing, monitoring, and equalizer

4. Bluetooth connectivity for music accompaniment

The product prioritizes microphone audio and entertainment during live streaming.

The K300 live sound card is exactly what you need when you want to get your podcast, radio shows, or Twitch streams off the ground easily but are not sure what gear to buy. It is so easy and intuitive to use that you can jump headfirst into podcasting within minutes, and focus on providing valued content and interacting with your audiences rather than being distracted by the complicated operations.

Notice: Considering the complexity and affordability of the product, the product may have some shortcomings in your application. We kindly suggest that you read the following notes carefully before making your purchase decision.

1.Compatibility: K300 live sound card only supports 3.5mm microphone. Not compatible with USB microphone or XLR to XLR microphone. Not support Phantom power. Iphone adapter is not included.

2. Sound quality: It works well for streaming and podcasting, but the sound quality might not be as good as a professional DJ mixer.


Multiple Sound Effects and Voice Change

16 kinds of warming up sound effects : Applause, Laughter, Lightning, Proud, Debut, 666, Face slap, Kiss, Don't laugh, Great, Strong, Pretty boy, Ouch, Too hard, Brother, Fllow.

4 kinds of Voice changer: Short press to change voice modes to female voice, male voice, Child voice, monster voice, etc.

12 kinds of electricity sound.



LED Luminous Button Cool Lighting Effect

This live sound card is equipped with seven different colors of breathing lights. The colorful lights, changing with the music, have the same atmosphere effect as you have a party or a bar.

It will output different light intensity with the input of sound. Very cool!



Smart Bluetooth Technology

The upgraded version live sound card voice changer supports Bluetooth wireless accompaniment, open the phone Bluetooth, search for "SBE_K300" and connect.

Please note: Bluetooth function only support Bluetooth accompany devices. Not support Bluetooth earphone and Bluetooth live streaming.



Professional Noise Reduction Technology

Built-in Dual DSP Noise Reduction Chip and ECHO, There are dual DSP noise reduction chips inside the sound card voice changer to avoid the influence of current noise, 50% increase in noise reduction, ensure high quality sound, and sing beautiful songs, Reverb (ECHO) makes your voice more charming.



Multiple Devices Connection and Support

Multiple Devices Connection: Support single mobile phone live, dual mobile phone live, mobile broadcast computer accompaniment, ect.

Multi-Device Support: Most major mainstream Kara song software, IOS and Android cellphone, tablets, computer, earphone, speaker, microphone.



Package Inclued

1 * k300 Live Sound Card

1 * USB Charging Cable

2 * Audio Cable

1 * English User Manual